Bitzer acquires the Shell & Tube area of Alfa Laval

Buy side

Bitzer SE kauft den Bereich Shell & Tube von Alfa Laval AB (patrick-lindenberg-191841-unsplash-dark.jpg)

Sell side
Alfa Laval AB

Buy side
Bitzer SE

Transfer Partners advised Bitzer Group on the acquistion of the commercial heat exchanging device business (Shell & Tube) from the Swedish company Alfa Laval.

Alfa Laval is working in the areas of heat transfer, centrifugation and fluid treatment.

The Italian-based Shell & Tube business is focused on the cooling and conditioning market and is a strategic expansion of Bitzer’s product portfolio.

The contract was signed at the beginning of April in Milan. Both parties agreed not to disclose the transaction value.

Bitzer has repeatedly engaged Transfer Partners during buy and sell-side engagements in the past.