BWK & PLI acquire SDV-Gruppe

Buy side

BWK & PLI - SDV-Gruppe (m0851-55531-unsplash.jpg)

Sell side

Buy side
BWK GmbH Unternehmensbeteiligungsgesellschaft und PL Investments I SA

Within the scope of its portfolio expansion, BWK GmbH Unternehmensbeteiligungsgesellschaft (BWK) and PL Investments I SA (PLI) each acquired 40 percent of SDV Group with locations in Dresden and Weidenberg.

„Finding a reliable partner for SDV Winter GmbH and SDV Direct World GmbH to further support the companies’ successful development has been an important topic for us. With BWK and PLI we have found shareholders whose long-term strategy fits very well to SDV Group.“

Christoph Deutsch

CEO SDV Gruppe

Transfer Partners has been mandated to advise the entire sales process including preparation of transaction-related documents, research and identification of suitable buyers, structuring of due diligence examination and conducting negotiations up to the successful transaction completion.

“Strong shareholders like BWK and PLI are an excellent solution for SDV Group. The entrance of the investors ensures, that we can continue our growth path. We have ambitious goals, which we want to reach mutually with owners and employees.“

Franz Schiederer

CEO SDV Gruppe

SDV Group, founded in 1990, is specialized in the production of high-quality and individualized direct mailings. The scope of transaction includes SDV Winter GmbH und SDV Direct World GmbH. Combined, the Group employs a total of 230 professionals and generated revenues of approximately € 40 million in 2015. SDV Group is regarded as a market leader in their segment with a broad and diversified customer portfolio.

“The successful business model as well as proven management of SDV Group has persuaded us. We want to contribute to the successful continuation of the development of SDV Group. Based on its strong market position and innovative solutions, I am confident that we will succeed.“

Marc Schrade


BWK GmbH, headquartered in Stuttgart, is a leading German capital investment company, focusing on mid-sized companies and long-term investment horizons. BWK was founded in 1990 and employs 14 professionals. BWK disposes about € 300 million in own funds and currently holds investments of approximately € 150 million in 15 firms. PL Investments I SA is a holding company incorporated under Luxembourgian law and invests in small- and mid-sized companies in Europe. Kieger AG, an independent Wealth-and Asset Manager, acts as the investment advisor to PLI.