Titgemeyer aquires Cirteq

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Titgemeyer aquires Cirteq (photo-1473445730015-841f29a9490b.jpg)

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Cirteq Ltd.

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Titgemeyer Group

Metal processing

Transfer Partners accompanied the Titgemeyer Group headquartered in Osnabrück in the acquisition of Cirteq Ltd. with headquarters in Glusburn near Keighley, UK, and providing comprehensive advice as part of the transaction process.

Titgemeyer Group is a leading international fastening technology and transport technology company with over 550 employees at 15 individual sites across Europe.

Steeped in tradition, the company develops, manufactures and sells more than 30,000 fastening elements, tools and vehicle components for and to multiple sectors – in series and to customer specification. The Group's plants in the United Kingdom produces push-on fasteners and lockbolts, its facility in the Czech Republic power tools and automation solutions, and its German site box bodies, cargo control and roller shutter systems.

Cirteq Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of fasteners and circlips for a wide variety of industries. The company's customer base covers the automotive and industrial sectors, commercial vehicles and construction machinery, agriculture and renewable energies.

Cirteq and its predecessor companies have been producing fuse elements such as explosive and circlips, wire bending parts, various fittings and lock washers for more than 75 years. Cirteq carries out all manufacturing processes (from the production of raw materials to processing by means of winding, stamping, forming, through to thermal treatment and surface treatment) in its own production facility in the United Kingdom.

Through the acquisition of Cirteq and the associated purchase of the business properties from the private assets of the sellers, Titgemeyer strengthens its own market position in the production of fastening technology and extends the company presence in the UK by another location.

Our client mandate spanned the transaction process, including the financial due diligence and contract negotiations, until the transaction was successfully completed.