2023 Q4


In the last SektorReport, we covered the Pollution Control subsector in our Sustainability section. Market valuations in Q3 2023 recorded a slight decline after a significant increase from Q1 to Q2. This trend did not fully continue in Q4 2023 - the sustainability market valuations developed positively compared to the STOXX Europe 600 Index.

In our current SektorReport Sustainability 2023 Q4, as in the previous year 2022 Q4, we focus on the Renewable & alternative energy subsector and shed light on the background to the recent acquisition of the Norfolk Offshore Wind portfolio by RWE AG. In recent years, the index of the Renewable & alternative energy subsector has always been below the overall Sustainability Index and most recently close to the performance of the STOXX Europe 600 Index. The Renewable & alternative energy Index has increasingly moved away from the Sustainability Index - however, the observed market valuations in Q4 2023 are fundamentally pointing upwards.

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