Our partners have decades of experience and lead an inter­disciplinary, international team.

Name Position
Andreas Jaeger Andreas Jaeger Partner Open
Thomas Laible Thomas Laible Partner Open
Alexander Muires Alexander Muires Partner Open
Axel Neurath Axel Neurath Partner Open
Henning von Poser Henning von Poser Partner Open
Tanja Schmalz Tanja Schmalz Partner Open
Markus Völlnagel Markus Völlnagel Partner Open
Darius Lenhart Darius Lenhart Director Open
Markus Rudzki Markus Rudzki Director Open
Florian Steinbrenner Florian Steinbrenner Director Open
Kai Hagenkötter Kai Hagenkötter Associate Open
Timo Wenschuch Timo Wenschuch Associate Open
Robert Korolkov Robert Korolkov Analyst Open
Christopher Pitsch Christopher Pitsch Analyst Open
Johannes Raabe Johannes Raabe Analyst Open
Rolf Becker Rolf Becker Associated Partner Open
Michael Gäbele Michael Gäbele Associated Partner Open
Ingo Hassert Ingo Hassert Associated Partner Open
Andreas Piechotta Andreas Piechotta Associated Partner Open
Nicole Nowicki Nicole Nowicki Human Resources Open