2023 Q2

After examining the aerospace industry last quarter, in this issue of the SektorReport Industrials we would like to shed light on an industry that, among other things, also plays a crucial role for it – additive manufacturing or 3D printing. After the hype year 2021, the euphoria on the market has dampened somewhat, but this does not change the fact that there are various technological developments and growth drivers that will very likely make this industry a key factor in a large number of manufacturing processes in the coming years. The deal report deals with the Series A financing of the Berlin 3D printing start-up Quantica by two Nordic venture capital companies.

In addition, valuations tended to stagnate or fall slightly throughout the industry in this quarter. M&A activity has also slowed slightly, although deal volume has increased. However, this is primarily driven by the mega deal involving the sale of Viessmann's air conditioning division to Carrier for €12 billion. Leaving this aside, the rise is more moderate.

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