2022 Q4

"Sustainability in business", or sustainable management, in combination with technological disruptions is a megatrend that has become indispensable. A fundamental reorientation of many companies towards more "sustainability" is demanded by various stakeholders and increases the chance of sustainable economic success. This is reflected in the attractive valuations of many listed companies with sustainability solutions as a business model and core element of corporate strategy, as well as in numerous corporate transactions.

Due to the current, rapid market developments, the social paradigm shift in relation to sustainability and successfully completed transactions, Transfer Partners has a dedicated focus and employs a sector team that focuses on the area of ​​sustainability.

In the following we present our first Sustainability Sector Report with a focus on market trends and developments in Q4 2022 and provide a detailed insight into the sub-sector Renewable & alternative energy. In the future, we will provide a quarterly sustainability market and transaction update, highlighting various sub-sectors.


Our SektorReports are available in German language. If you have further questions regarding this topic, feel free to get in touch.