2023 Q2

In this issue of the SektorReport Mobility with a focus on Q2 2023, we are dedicated to e-mobility, in particular the charging infrastructure required for electric vehicles. We examine the current market performance, show the importance of corporate transactions and analyze the acquisition of Ltd by the british venture capital company Octopus Investments Ltd in May 2023.

The rapidly increasing demand for electric and hybrid vehicles continues. In Europe, the second largest e-mobility market, sales have increased by an average of almost 50% in the last two years.

A further increase in sales is expected due to political developments and regulations in the European Union with regard to CO2 emissions.

In order to be able to further stimulate and enable this high demand, a broadly developed charging infrastructure for electric vehicles is necessary. In addition to private charging stations at home, there is an increasing need for publicly accessible charging stations and, above all, fast charging stations. Especially in dense urban areas where access to charging stations at home is rather limited, the public charging infrastructure is an important prerequisite for the further spread of e-vehicles.

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