2024 Q1


In the current issue of the Mobility Sector Report for Q1 2024, we focus on the maritime sector and on global sustainability efforts and their impact on the market. We also examine the role of corporate transactions in the current landscape and analyse the financing round completed in March 2024 by Swedish startup Candela Technology AB, an e-boat manufacturer and technological pioneer in the shipbuilding industry.

The topic of "climate protection" has been omnipresent for years and continues to grow rapidly in importance, including in politics, where efforts are intensified to shape a more sustainable future. The European Green Deal was initiated in 2019 to meet these efforts, with the clear goal of being climate-neutral by 2050. For now, however, the aim is to achieve a reduction in emissions by 2030.

Efforts to achieve "net zero" by 2050 are also being stepped up significantly by corporate and private actors. Private individuals are increasingly trying to switch to shared mobility services or to lower-emission transportation options. Similar trends are also emerging at company level. As part of the CSRD Directive and the associated CO2 reporting obligation, the circle of companies now subject to reporting requirements is expanding, with the clear aim of further reducing emissions. However, companies that do not comply with these requirements must expect sanctions.

In view of the current situation, it is clear that the question is not whether everyone will have to act more sustainably in future and comply with certain standards, but when. Rather, it is a question of positioning oneself strategically at an early stage and taking advantage of emerging trends. In order to be able to react appropriately to the changing market environment, it is time for companies in particularly high-emission sectors such as the boating and shipping industry to specify or initiate appropriate measures now in order to withstand the growing pressure from politics and society.

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